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February 12

[ENG] CH Miner Review - Hidden miner with rat and clipper functionality 2022!

Hidden miner that can mine any currency by working with any console miners. Simple informative and convenient control panel, easy setup.

CH Miner control panel

Video review:

Able to mine on GPU and CPU, Separates miners on cards up to 4GB vRam and 6+GB vRam, determines which currency to mine.

Miner launch settings

By default, it is set to mining, and there are also preset settings for different pools for convenience:

Monero (XMR) - Mines on the processor.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) - Mines on video cards from 3x to 4x GB vRam.

Ethereum (ETH) - Mines on all video cards that have 6GB vRam memory and above.

It has various mining settings for stealth and greater survivability of bots:

Aggressive Work Miner - All bots will be mining constantly, even if the user is active.

Mine if user is not active - Will only mine if the user is not active.

Disable CPU mining vRam 6+GB and user is not active - This option disables mining on processors if the user is active and mining on a card of 6GB or more, as this brings a good income. The option sacrifices mining on the processor so as not to overload the PC.

Stop Miners Detected Full Screen (If Running Games) - Stops the miners if a full screen was detected (A running game for example).

Stop Miners Detected Task Managers - Stops the miner if the Task Manager was running, including such managers as Process Hacker, Process Explorer and many others.

Killer Task Managers RealTime - Will kill Task Managers if they were running, The function disables the function: Stop Miners Detected Task Managers

Tasks for all bots

You can add different tasks for all bots at once:

Notifications and logging:

Notifications are available in Telegram bot.

Auto-cleaning and saving logs from the panel.


Built-in Builder, you create your own builds as needed. Several encryption methods are built into the builder, which ensures completely clean created * .exe

Scan for 01/12/2022:


Protection features in Builder:

Disable TaskMgr - Prevents Task Manager from starting

Disable SmartScreen - Disables the screen protector

Disable Regedit - disables the launch of the Registry Editor

ByPass Defender - permanently disables Windows Defender

Malware Bots Killer - Removes other people's bots, miners, rats before infection.


You can paste several *.exe files at once dot 3 mb. Each. They will be launched immediately upon the first infection. It is convenient when you need to run, for example, a stealer or a fake program additionally.

Build.exe - Creating the build itself

The build has a weight of 100-120kb, when using Confuser 300-400kb. Also, the weight depends on the number of wallets added to the clipper.

Build has a dependency starting from .Net Framework 4.0 and above. Written in C# .Net 4.0.

UAC ByPass - Stealthily gets administrator rights without pop-ups.

At the first infection, it deletes itself from the original launch location, copies it to the system folder, registers it in startup and increases in weight from 700 to 800 MB, this weight significantly improves the survivability of the build in the system, many antiviruses do not send such files to cloud scanning for analysis, and most importantly, this Do not upload weight to VirusTotal.

Clipper supports adding multiple addresses for each currency, will replace the addresses in the clipboard when the victim uses copy/paste, the more addresses the better Clipper selects the most similar Wallet to the original from your list of addresses.

After creating the file, the builder will show the hash of the sum of the file, the information can be saved in txt. The hash can later be checked on Virustotal to determine whether your file appeared on the BT or not.

Uploading the build itself to VirusTotal is FORBIDDEN!

Full setup video on first run:

Rat functionality:

Send File:

  • To Memory
  • To Disk

Spy Function:

  • Remote Desctop
  • Keylogger
  • File Manager
  • Process Manager
  • WebCam
  • Report Window


  • Bot Killer
  • Remote Shell
  • File Searcher
  • Execute C# .Net Code
  • Seed Torrren
  • USB Spread


  • Visit Website
  • Set Wallpaper
  • Send MessageBox
  • Blank Screen


  • Close
  • Restart
  • Update
  • Uninstall


  • Logoff
  • Restart
  • Shutdown

Prices for CH Miner:

3 days: 20$
7 Days: 40$
30 days: 80$
6 Months: 120$
1 year: 200$

Lifetime license, without bindings and keys + unique encryption in the builder of your build: $300

Source codes of the entire project of the latest version without further updates, without permission for commerce - $ 1000 (The code is commented in Russian, understandable and readable)


Communication only via contact: https://t.me/ext_coder

Telegram channel: https://t.me/chminer
⚠️ I have no intermediaries and representatives!
✅You can also make a deal through the guarantors wwh-club.io and AutoGarant on the forum.


I help with the initial installation and configuration after the purchase, up to the first bot.

Updates are issued on weekends in our private group every 1-2 weeks.

Any improvements are only for your $ and are discussed individually, I take from $50.

It is forbidden to scan any miner files on virustotal, it merges files into the databases of anti-virus companies and soon your miner will start to burn heavily with Antiviruses!

It is forbidden to reverse / hack, give away the control panel to third parties.

For violation of the rules, deprivation of licenses and blocking all contacts and channels without a refund!